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steve-smilingBeef Stick Reviews publishes reviews of meat sticks, which includes beef sticks, pork sticks, turkey sticks, little smokies, and snack sausages, and just about any kind of meat snack in a long cylindrical shape.

As far as sausages are concerned, this blog only reviews those meant to be eaten as snacks. Wieners, brats, bangers, generally doesn’t fit into the scope of this website.

About Steve

I’m an Internet marketer and website developer by day. You can read more about that on my Internet marketing blog, “In Your Web“.  I’m also a lifelong motorcycle rider.  Follow my “Motorcycle Philosophy” blog.  From April to October 2013, I rode across the United States on my motorcycle, which you can read about on “Road Pickle“.

Before launching Beef Stick Reviews, I started Best Beef Jerky, a site that does reviews of beef jerky. Several jerky brands had sent me samples of their jerky for review, and some of them included samples of beef sticks.

Because I hadn’t planned to write reviews on beef sticks, I didn’t really know what to do with my growing supply of these things. I didn’t want to write about beef sticks on my beef jerky blog. So, I created this blog, and am writing about them ehre.

I’m a junk food junkie. It’s a habit passed down from my father, who introduced me to the joys of such fast food delights like the Big Mac, the old Taco Bell Enchirito, and the heavenly Jack-in-the Box tacos. And he got it from his father, who, honestly, kept hundreds of cans of chili in his cupboards, and stocked his freezer with frozen dinners.

I had since launched a blog called “Junk Food Blog“, where I simply introduced new forms of candies, chocolates, chips, and fast food.

I discovered food manufacturers were anxious to send me free samples of their food in exchange for publicity on Junk Food Blog. That inspired me to create my beef jerky blog, in hopes of getting free jerky. And then to discover that jerky manufacturers wanted to send me beef sticks. And that’s how it comes to this.

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