buffalo bills extra smoky beef sticks

Buffalo Bill’s – Extra Smokey Beef Sticks

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If you haven’t already tried these Extra Smokey Beef Sticks from Buffalo Bills, you might wanna. They’re are indeed “extra” smokey.

They have a great smokey flavor to them, and a somewhat spicy flavor as well, though I don’t see anything in the ingredients list suggesting anything spicy. This even has some slight chocolatey notes to it, perhaps indicating something roasted, I dunno.

Unlike other meat sticks, these are very meaty. I mean, it’s almost like eating a stick of salami, where you can see the meat fibers pulling away as you bite off a piece. In fact, this has a rather dry taste to it, kinda like salami.

My only “beef” with these beef sticks is they’re rather salty. They’re not too bad in the first several bites, but when you towards the end, the salt wears me down. I need some swigs of drink, and about 10 minutes of rest, before attacking another stick.

But mind you, these are beef sticks for real beef stick lovers. They’re extra thick, the same width as a wine b

Buffalo Bills - Extra Smokey Beef Sticks

ottle cork, and about five inches in length. They might actually make a great cure for a hangover.


I brought a bag of these beef sticks to a get-together that my friends and I attended last weekend. It was at the Long Shadow Ranch Winery in Temecula, where they have a “bonfire” every Saturday night. Another friend brought several sticks of Sl

im Jims in a variety of flavors.

I handed out these Buffalo Bills, and people thought they were pretty good.

But when they sampled the Slim Jims, they about ralphed. No one else could finish their Slim Jim samples. One guy said it was eating “meat flavored toilet paper”. I mean, it actually did feel as if you were eating a chunk of toilet paper (not that I know from experience, mind you).

After the Slim Jims, my friends really loved the Buffalo Bills.

Funny how the best things in life are not readily available. The worst stuff is always easily found at a convenience store, but the better stuff you have to order online. It’s just one of those things.

Get your Buffalo Bills Extra Smokeys here… http://www.choochoorsnacks.com/
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