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Jonty Jacobs Droewors

Oct 19 | 18534 Views | No Comments

Coming to us from Jonty Jacobs is this Droëwors. Droëwors is a type of sausage seasoned with coriander, and originating from South Africa. See our reviews of their Biltong. Jonty Jacobs is a brand of South African-style meat snacks based out of Brooklyn, NY. It was launched by South African-born...

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Duke’s Smoked Meats Shorty Sausages

Feb 2 | 37053 Views | No Comments

Duke’s Small Batch Smoked Meats is the newest line of jerky and meat sticks from Thanasi Foods, LLC. Based in Boulder, CO, Thanasi is known for other successful jerky brands such as Jim Beam Beef Jerky, Stubbs BBQ Beef Jerky, and Frank’s Redhot Beef Jerky. “Duke’s” is...